"The Rome Smith & Lutz team knows the issues inside and out and they deliver results. They pursue our interests with unmatched integrity and dedication, and that is why we trust them with our legislative and regulatory priorities" ˜ Ken Hiscoe, Director of Government Relations, Pfizer, Inc.

"Rome Smith & Lutz is all about relationships and trust. Their success is rooted in experience and integrity. When they represent us at the Capitol, we know we are being heard." ˜ Chuck Bunnell, Chief of Staff for External & Government Affairs, Mohegan Tribe.

About Rome Smith and Lutz

Rome Smith & Lutz is a full-service government relations and lobbying firm, providing representation at all levels of Connecticut government. With decades of public sector experience and deep relationships with key decision-makers on both sides of the aisle, the team at Rome Smith & Lutz delivers results for their clients.

Rome Smith & Lutz works with clients to identify objectives, develop advocacy strategies, and refine the communications message to align goals with relevant legislative initiatives. Campaigns are based on extensive research, sound planning, and an experienced assessment of the political landscape. Clients can expect a detail-oriented pursuit of their interests utilizing the firm's deep personal lobbying, media relations, and grass roots organizing capabilities.

Rome Smith and Lutz

Fueled by diverse talents, the team at Rome Smith & Lutz has successfully navigated the waters of state and municipal government for more than 30 years. Each member of the team has expertise in convergent yet individual areas. We succeed in crafting unique strategies and building individual road maps that will give you a unique way to tell your story.

One key to the firm’s success is its focus on trust. Connecticut's elected leaders, officials, and administrators know the Rome Smith & Lutz team as knowledgeable, honest advocates of their clients’ interests. Clients trust Rome Smith & Lutz to be passionate about their causes, protective of their reputation, and tireless in pursuit of their legislative agenda.

Meet the team

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